Premier Business Management & Consulting


LCP Management is a International Business Advisory Consulting practice Headquartered in Las Vegas, NV and operating globally. We have the talent and rare innovation in providing comprehensive plan and actionable tactical solutions that empower businesses and their Management teams to achieve immediate improvement and explosive growth.

We pride ourselves on being 'the innovator', we specialize in providing Marketing and Operations expertise as well as strategies for explosive growth. 

Additionally, we have an 'equity gap' practice for those businesses wishing to secure early-stage equity funding. We create the framework to allow businesses the ability to use their own paper as currency in the early stages of their business. Our expertise also stretches into arranging suitable introductions to High Net Worth Individuals who make equity investments in early-stage businesses.

Finally, we also take equity positions in high-technology businesses and those businesses that have a clear path to profitability and require equity funding to scale. 


01/20/2010 - LCP teams up with Evergreen Holdings a premier global consulting company and Amerisource Holdings a cutting edge marketing company to penetrate the S. American market.

01/12/2009 - LCP ventures into Texas to support mass retail development with MMG Group.

05/07/07 - LCP leads successful asset dispositions and company reorganization for True Vision Management Group a major domestic leader in service in the US.

01/07/07 - LCP with future outlook obtains partnership of major domestic asset in South West US.